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'Red Rose Spray' Lemurian Springs
'Red Rose Spray' Lemurian Springs

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Product Code: ROSE


Indian Red Rose Face & Body Mist is 100% pure floral water that smells like roses! There are no added essential oils or perfumes, yet it smells absolutely beautiful. Spray directly onto the face or body for a gentle refresh. Many customers find they help reduce fine lines, hydrate and plump skin and even out skin tone. Great in both summer and winter months. It has the unique ability to help ease the pain of sunburn and even help prevent the peeling process. It has natural anti-bacterial qualities, which means it's great for skin irritation conditions like acne and eczema, and you can even spray it directly into your mouth if you feel a sore throat coming on. Also a remedy for bad breath and coffee breath..and spray your face and hair for an added glow. It can also be used to help set makeup and can even double as a deodorant.